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Miffy First Light Lamp

Miffy First Light Lamp

Product Description:

to know miffy is to love miffy

Miffy First Light is the first shining friend of your newest family member and the first light your little one will see for many mornings to come.

Mr Maria’s world famous Miffy lamp is an iconic lamp that brings warmth and light to homes across the world. For children, but also for anyone who loves timeless design. The Miffy lamp is a friend for life and a comforting presence. Now, with the Miffy First Light, this comforting feeling can be taken with you around the world. 

This soft, small and chargeable Miffy follows your little one around with ease. In the car, in a plane, to a sleepover and on holiday. Miffy will be smiling and shining wherever your loved one may be. In the early morning, hers is the very first friendly face they see. Every once in a while Miffy herself may need a little sleep, but she is always there for her friend’s nightly adventures and all their dreamy secrets to keep.

 A little friend 

for a little miracle

Share a First Light 

for a lifetime of shining bright

On holiday, a sleepover, 

a night at home safe and sound

The comforting presence of Miffy’s light 

can always be found

Please contact rhianna@delightdecor.com.au to pre-order
Total Mr Maria minimum order value $1000
Area exclusive

Product Code:
Power Source:
USB Rechargeable Battery - Plug not included
Shape Dimensions:
15 x 15 x 30cm