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Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. General

1.1. Delight Decor reserves the right to accept or refuse any order for Goods at its discretion

1.2. Delight Decor reserves the right to accept or refuse a credit application.

1.3. Until an order for the purchase of Goods has been accepted by Delight Decor either in writing or by conduct, no contract for the supply of Goods shall exist between Delight Decor and the Customer.

1.4. Goods are not to be sold on Ebay.

2. Payment

2.1. Payment for all Goods shall be made prior to shipping unless the Customer has a credit account.

2.2. The only accepted means of paying orders and accounts will be by cash, credit card or electronic funds transfer, unless otherwise agreed to by Delight Decor.

3. Account Terms

3.1. Delight Decor may withdraw the Customer’s credit facilities at any time without notice.

4. Default If the Customer:-

Delight Decor may, without prejudice to any other rights:

(i) withhold any future supply of Goods;
(ii) withdraw the supply of Goods on credit;

5. Property

5.1. The Goods shall be at the sole risk of the Customer on the Customer’s receipt of those Goods.

6. Return of Goods

6.1. Goods being returned for credit must have been purchased from Delight Decor, and be in an unused and saleable condition together with original packaging within 14 days of purchase.

6.2. Delight Decor may charge a 20% restocking fee for returned goods.

7. Refund Policy

7.1. If Delight Decor deems a product faulty and has been purchased within 12 months, as per date of invoice, Delight Decor will refund the customer the purchase price.

7.2. Delight Decor may request the return of faulty goods before providing refund.

8. Notification of Changes

8.1. The Customer agrees to notify Delight Decor within 7 days of any changes to: the address of the business or the address where the Goods will be situated; the trading name or ABN of the business; or the persons (Proprietors, Partners or Directors) conducting the business.

8.2. Delight Decor reserves the right to request that a new Application for a Wholesale Account to be completed on notification of such a change.

9. Shipping

Shipping will be calculated and charged on the order invoice as per order size and delivery location

10. Law

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Queensland and the applicable laws of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Customer agrees to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of any state or territory of Australia or the Commonwealth of Australia as selected at Delight Decor’s discretion.

11. Interpretation In these terms and conditions, unless contrary to the context:

“Customer” means and includes any natural person, company, partnership or other entity whose order for the purchase of Goods is accepted by Delight Decor; “Goods” means and includes goods and services supplied or to be supplied to the Customer by Delight Decor;

“Delight Decor” means Delight Decor Pty Ltd ABN 78 133 290 074 or any of its subsidiary or related companies.